During a stay in Greece I heard, by chance, the term “Anikousto” (English: “Unheard”) and that was my vital spark for this CD.

For some years I had already been looking for composers and their works so far not published or not yet known for any other reasons.

Some of these composers are even living not far from me like Arnold Nevolovitsch and Monica Cárdenas. A friend found me the”Concertino” by Luis Carlos Figueroa. Suggestions for this project came also from the SVM (The Study Center for Flemish Music) in Antwerp.

They provided several manuscripts from which I choose for this CD two compositions by Jef Maes and Jeff Schampaert. Mikis Theodorakis is specially honored for his 90th birthday by arrangement of his violin sonata. “Los Hijos del Sol” was particularly composed for this project.


Thanks to all my friends, colleagues, composers, and institutions who supported the project. I am very grateful to the Possehlstiftung in Luebeck for having enabled me to carry out this project.


The Cd include compositions of these composers:


Sergio Berchenko, Mónica Cárdenas, Luis Carlos Figueroa, Jeff Maes, Arnold Nevolovitsch, Jef Schampaert und Mikis Theodorakis


Sebastian Hidalgo:Flöte , Jason Ponce and Maria Gianniki Piano


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Sebastian Hidalgo